Privacy Policy

(This document is an electronic record as per terms and definitions of Information Technology Act, This electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signatures.)

Every User / Customer / Prospective Customer (all hereinafter singularly and collectively referred as “User”, which in the singular form shall be construed to include the plural and vice versa , unless the context otherwise requires. Pronouns in masculine, feminine and neuter genders shall be construed to include any other gender, including his representatives, successors etc,) who is Browsing any Web-Portal or any mobile application or any mobile Web-Portal of or ordering any goods from or using however and whatsoever shall be and shall remain subject to following privacy policy of, it shall be presumed that every user who is browsing or ordering on or using or its Mobile version or Mobile application whatsoever has made himself well-aware of this privacy policy and meaning and consequences thereof and accepted and bound himself to it, any one who do not accept this privacy policy or refuse to bind himself to arising obligation shall immediately stop browsing or using, its Mobile Version or its Mobile Application in any manner whatsoever.

The domain name “” (hereinafter referred to as "web-portal" for the convenience & brevity and which shall also include any Mobile Version of said & any Mobile Application of engaged in same activities & services as is owned by Saade Tera E-com Pivate Limited, a company incorporated Under Indian Companies Act having registered address at Opp. Bk., 1666/11, Section 26, Ulhasnagar – 4, Thane state of Maharashtra - 421004 (hereinafter referred as 'Saade Tera' for the purpose of convenience and brevity),

Protection of user privacy is utmost important for Saade Tera,. Saade Tera store and process Private Information on computers that may be protected by reasonable physical as well as technological security measures and procedures in accordance with applicable laws, Rules and standard industry practices. If Any user have any objections to the way his Information is being transferred or used or stored, he should immediately stop using Web-Portal.

Following is the detailed Privacy Policy of Saade Tera for its Web-Portal:
a) By visiting or using Web-Portal in any manner whatsoever, user confirms to be bound and to oblige the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy of Saade Tera, If any user do not agree to be bound by or to oblige by this privacy policy or any other terms or conditions or Policies of Saade Tera, he should immediately leave and stop using or surfing any services or tools of Web-Portal.
b) Use of Web-Portal in any manner whatsoever shall be sufficient in every manner whatsoever to conclude that user has expressly consented to Saade Tera to use or disclose and authorised use of his personal information in accordance with the privacy policy stated herein.
c) When any user visits Web-Portal and registers himself with Saade Tera, Saade Tera collects and stores his personal information which is provided by him from time to time in computer usable and identifiable format.
d) At the Time of registration, Saade Tera clearly indicates which fields are necessary and which fields are optional, User can always avoid any information which is marked as Optional in its field.
e) Saade Tera or Its Marketting Service Providers like Google & Other reputed service providers may automatically track certain information about user based upon his behaviour on Web-Portal. Such Information is used to do internal research to facilitate better service and security to users.
f) Saade Tera and its Marketting Service Providers Like Google etc. use data collection devices such as "cookies" ("cookie" is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while the user is browsing that website so it can be later read back from that browser) on certain pages of the Web-Portal to help analyse Web-Portal page flow, measure promotional effectiveness, and promote trust and safety. Some services or part of some services may only available if cookies are enables in user web-browser for e.g. cookies are necessary for proper login in user registered account with Saade Tera. Users are advised to clear / clean Cookies using options from their web-browser at the end of the session for better online protection.
g) In Case of any payment through debit card, credit card, internet banking, internet payment facilities like Paypal etc, Saade Tera “Do Not” collect or store or use any confidential financial information of the user like Credit Card / Debit Card numbers, Account Log in Ids or Passwords etc. on its own personal sites or devices, all such transactions are handled through Internet Payment Gateway Service Provider PayU, the privacy and other terms of use of said Internet Payment Gateway Service Provider are available at and users are advised to read subject policies and terms of said payment gateway provider before providing any private information for purpose of any online payment on Web-Portal, If any user do not agree with any privacy policy or terms of said internet payment gateway provider, they are advised to choose other payment option at the time of placing order.
h) When any user posts any message or chat on message or chat boards on Web-Portal, Saade Tera collects necessary information of such user & subject posting, it is essential for Saade Tera to do so, so any legal or other disputes (if arose) can be resolved and assistance can be provided to governmental agencies in its resolution.
i) On request of any person through any mode of communication, Saade Tera may collect information about the specific user, provided such collection shall be as per discretion of law, and any such information shall not be shared unless and until it is permitted to or made obligatory to be shared as per the provisions of law.
j) Saade Tera collects personal information like email ids, address, contact numbers, mobile numbers and other details etc. when user creates account on Web-Portal, All such information is stored as per the standard Industry Practices.
k) Users are advised to use different email account when they register on Web-Portal than they use for their banking or other sensitive transactions, Users are also hereby specifically directed to Not use any Password for their registered account on Web-Portal, which is a common password with their Banking, Governmental, Employment or other Sensitive Web-Sites.
l) To Improve user experience, Service Quality or Security of the Users, Saade Tera or its Marketting Service Providers like Google etc, may collect any information which facilitates demographic information of the user, which includes User Location, IP Address etc.
m) Saade Tera may also request users to fill online surveys any information provided and collected on such surveys shall become and shall remain exclusive property of the Saade Tera, Which Saade- Tera may use to better its business and services in any manner whatsoever.
n) Saade Tera may share personal information of users with other governmental, statutory or corporate entities to detect and prevent fraud, Mischievous Activities, Espionage, identity theft, hacking or other illegal acts.
o) Saade Tera shall disclose personal information, if it is required to do so by any law or statute of the land or any judicial directives from any Honourable Court of India or in the good faith that such disclosure is reasonably necessary in subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process or to assist any legal or government inquiry or investigation. Saade Tera shall disclose personal information to Government Agencies, Judicial Authorities, law enforcement offices or others if there is good faith that such sharing is necessary as per provision of law or to protect the interest of public & society in general.
p) Saade Tera may share user information with such business entities with which Saade Tera has entered in to or has plans to do merger, acquisition, joint venture, restructure or any other business / corporate arrangement, wherein it is necessary to share such information as per business or other arrangement or understanding with such business entities.
q) User is required to enter a valid phone number while placing an order on the Web-Portal. By registering phone number with Saade Tera, User consent to be contacted by Saade Tera via phone calls and/or SMS notifications, in case of any order or shipment or delivery related updates.
r) Web-Portal has security measures as per standard industry practice which includes website having security encryption certificate of SHA2 – 256 bit encryption level / type in place to protect the loss, misuse, and unauthorised alteration of the information which is being submitted by the users.
s) Privacy policy is subject to change at any time without notice, Any changes in privacy policy of Web-Portal and Saade Tera shall be duly posted/ amended over here, users are advised to go through this privacy policy before every session to check for any updates.
t) Grievance Officer
As per Provisions of Information Technology Act 2000 and rules, following grievance officer / authority is appointed to address any privacy query of the User
Name : Sunny Ramesh Shivlani
Address: Opp. Bk. 1666/11, Section 26, Ulhasnagar 421004, Maharashtra, INDIA
Mobile No: 9699020808

“This Privacy Policy of Saade Tera should be read with terms of usage, shipping policy and return & refund policy of Saade Tera & Web Portal.”